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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Let's Study Slang !!

This is a dialog between Harry and Jackson

I hope it ain’t nuttin serious
I hope it’s nothing serious

Harry: Yo Jackson, ya down wit us?
Jackson: I wish I could, but I got sumtin unallowed cum up, yo.
Harry: No diggety yo’ ass look sweated as hell. I hope it ain’t nuttin serious yo.
Jackson: Word life, iss all good man, jus’ sumtin personal.
Harry: Word. But if ya need hep, lemme know.
Jackson: Fosho. I’ma.

Standard English
Harry: Jackson, are you coming with us?
Jackson: I wish I could, but something unexpected has come up to me.
Harry: No wonder you look so concerned. I hope it’s nothing serious.
Jackson: Well. I’m good. It’s just something personal.
Harry: OK. But if you need help, let me know.
Jackson: Sure. I will.

Cum= Come
Dat shit= Thats it
Fosho= For sure
I’ma= I will, I am going to
Lemme= Let me
No diggety= No wonder
Sumshit= Something
Word= OK
Yo= It doesn’t have meaning
Yo’ ass= You

Source: Daily  Conversation by PUSPA BAHASA

The Urgency of Wearing Veil

Ladies, we all know that our body is beautiful enough to make man like us. It's easy to make man do something loathe to our body. Do you want that happened to you? of course NOT right?! Man is easy to be stimulated by women's body. If you don't something happen to you, such as despising, or such acts, you should be careful with your acts, instrospect your behaviour, make sure that your clothes are good to prevent the dangerous thing. That what we will discuss later. Well, now in reality, we often see some news about rape or despising of women. Why do those happen? The answer is there are many people who don't wear good clothes (the clothes do not cover all of women's body). That's why Alloh wants us to cover our aurot (body except hand and face) because Alloh knows that our aurot is beautiful. And it's our treasure. If our treasure is robbed by someone, it makes us sad and feel something lose, right? It's important for us to keep our treasure safe till the time when we are ready to share it to other gender that is our husband. So, ladies, to make it safe, use appropriate clothes like what muslimah used. With loose cloth, and veil, also loose skirt and socks. Those will safe your treasure. Man will regard you, believe me!! And don't be worry with your destiny (mate). Alloh sets the best for us. good man gets good woman and bad man gets bad woman. If you wanna get the good one, make sure that you're good too. Believe it!! I'm sure, it makes you more beautiful. prove it!