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Monday, 18 October 2010

My Poetry

Your Life's Book
By: Retno Widowati

A story that I love so much is your life
A woman who I must learn is your wife
There, I find thee
There, I know thee
I can’t see thee
I can’t touch thee
How I do miss thee . . .
How  I do love thee . . .
My tears always drown out
When you appeared in my thought
Your kind hearted
Your no hate
Your feeling
Your smiling
To those who hate you
To those who dare you
You’re the best of mankind
You’re so caring and kind
You’re someone who always in my heart
Prophet Mohammad, I miss you so much
Could you love me too?
by Amber L. Jesse

My dear friend I have taken the time
For me to finally say,
How much more you mean to me than a friend
In every heartbreaking way.

We have known each other for a while 
But you have never known,
That all the while we were friends
My love for you has grown.

It started out not being big 
And scared me quite a bit,
I figured I'd tell you sooner or later
But I never did admit...

So now you know I live for you
And love you evermore,
I treasure your friendship now
More than ever before.

In a way I've been lying to you
Not intentionally,
For your unbound love and charm and wit
Just seem to imprison me.

Yes I have been trying
My hardest to unlove thee,
But when I try and try once more
Your love recaptures me.

It's not I don't want to love you
But lately it's been so severe,
To be kept untold and control myself
Whenever you are near.

I just look into those beautiful eyes
Innocent as can be,
For when I look into them
My undying love, you do not see.

You did not see the side of me
That melts when in your presence,
And I only saw the side of you
With your flawless eminence.

So now it is all up to you
Tell me how you feel,
I know it seems difficult,
And pretty much unreal.

I've never known to love someone
As much as I love you,
But now the real question is
Could you love me too?
You Are My Dream Come True
by   Cheryl Ann

Always in my heart
    you make me feel more loved 
        than I've ever felt
  and happier than I've ever dreamed.
 The love and understanding you have
   is something I have searched for
          my entire life.

       Always in my happiest 
        and saddest moments,
you are my best friend and confidante.
    I come to you for everything,
        and you listen to me
          without judgment.

       Always, deep within my soul,
   I know we have a love like no other.
    What we share is something others
        only hope for and dream of,
         but few ever experience.
    Our love is magical beyond belief.

      Always, without hesitation,
    you give of yourself completely.
You have reached the very depths of my soul,
 bringing out emotions I never knew I had
   and unveiling an ability to love 
       I never thought possible.
         Always and forever
   you will be my dream come true,
the one I have waited for all these years.
    From now until the end of time,
        I will love only you.
      We will be together always.