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Friday, 17 December 2010

Let's Study Slang Part II

We done met befo?
Have we met befo?


Mandy: Ey! Ma name be Mandy. I be Danny dawg.
Bobby: Oh, sup, Mandy. I is Bobby. Ya live upstairs, straight?
Mandy: Damn straight, in da apartement above yourn. Mmm, sumshit smells delicious. Ya cookin?
Bobby: Word life, dat shit depends on watcha call cookin. I’m jus makin sum chicken, basic as hell. Ya wanna cum in?
Mandy: Tango yankee. Hell nah, I dun’ wanna gaffle ya. I wuz jus dome scratchin’ if ya got Danny fresh digits.
Bobby: I ain’t got no he fresh digits yo. But if ya hit tha ol’ digits, thurr iz gonna c a recordin tellin yo’ ass da fresh one, ya dig it?
Mandy: Oh, youse straight. How come I ain’t reckon o’ dat shit?
Bobby: Ya know, yer name sounded so damn familiar when Danny first mentioned ya, an’ now dat I see ya, ya look familiar too. We done met befo?
Mandy: Hell naw, I dun reckon so. Ya probab-like confusin mee wit ma sistah. She be mad well-known.
Bobby: Furilla?
Mandy: Peep dis, I betta run back upstairs. I iz allowin a phone call. I’ma talk ya latah, word? Audi!
Bobby: Benz!

Standard English

Mandy: Hi, my name’s Mandy. I’m Danny’s friend.
Bobby: Oh, hi Mandy. I’m Bobby. You live upstairs, don’t you?
Mandy: That’s right, in the apartment above yours. Mmm, something smells delicious. Are you cooking?
Bobby: Well, it depends on what you call cooking. I’m just making some chicken, very basic. Would you like to come in?
Mandy: Thank you. No, I don’t want to disturb you. I was just wondering if you have Danny’s new phone number.
Bobby: Oh no, I don’t have his new phone number. But if you call the old number, there’ll be recording telling you the new one. Do you understand?
Mandy: Oh, you’re right. Why didn’t I think of that?
Bobby: You know, your name sounded really familiar when Danny mentioned you, and now that I see you, you look familiar too. Have we met before?
Mandy: No, I don’t think so. You’re probably confusing me with my sister. She is pretty well-known.
Bobby: Really?
Mandy: Look, I’d better run back upstairs. I’m expecting a phone call. I’ll talk you later, OK? Good bye!
Bobby: See you later!